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Career Power Skills: The Simple Guide to Rresearching Careers and Creating Your Resume, Cover letter, Print Portfolio, E-portfolio, and Online Web Portfolio.
written by John DiMarco, 2013

140 pages, published by Pearson.

• Hands-on approach to resumes, cover letters, print, and online web portfolios all in one book.

• Value to tech-savvy readers and tech-challenged students and job seekers.

• Graphical, full color, user friendly design.

• Helpful callouts, quick tips, exercises, and checklists that reinforce key terms and ideas.

• Easy to read, short passages that guides readers toward creative activities.

• Step by step instructions in each chapter.

Companion Website connected to the text with
a resume and cover letter builder & templates, tutorial videos, and portfolio book templates.

• Free online Web Sitemaker & hosting account to create an online web portfolio
o or pesonal website.


Digital Design for Print and Web: An Introduction to Theory, Principles, and Techniques
written by John DiMarco, 2010

340 pages, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
DESCRIPTION: This introductory textbook integrates the theories and creative techniques of communication, art, and graphic design with the digital production processes used in print and web media. In Part One, the objectives are to present introductory design and graphic communication concepts. The concepts are then applied in Part Two using beginner and intermediate production tips and techniques with the goal of completing real world projects. Theoretical coverage includes a concise design overview surveying communication goals and fundamental design principles using historical, professional, and student images of digital print design, web design, web graphics, digital imaging, and digital illustration. The book is full color and contains over 200 images and over 100 online tutorial movies.


Web Portfolio Design and Applications
written by John DiMarco, 2006

304 pages, published by Idea Group Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1-59140-854-7 h/c
DESCRIPTION: Scholars and students are searching for information on what a Web portfolio is, what it is not, what to put into a Web portfolio, and what technical skills are needed to succeed in the process. This textbook provides a combination of theory, pedagogy, and practice to help enable faculty and students across disciplines to explore creating a Web portfolio.

NO. 1, MARCH 2008

NO. 4, NOVEMBER 2007

  Computer Graphics and Multimedia: Applications, Problems, and Solutions edited and written by John DiMarco, 2004

279 pages-12 chapters, published by Idea Group Publishing, Inc. ISBN: 1-59140-196-8 h/c
The contributing authors in this scholarly publication provide expertise across a wide range of computer graphics and multimedia topics. Topics include: Digital prepress, Adaptive Narrative Virtual Environments, Screenspace, Isoluminance Contours, Content Based Video Indexing and Retrieval, Evaluating Graph Drawing Aesthetics, Client and Server Side Programming Concepts Incorporating Macromedia Flash, Aspects of Digital Asset Alignment and Management, Analysis of Musical Content in Digital Audio, and Certain Aspects of Machine Vision in the Arts. Contributors are scholars from academic institutions worldwide. John DiMarco’s written chapter in this book is titled: Teaching Computer Graphics and Multimedia, A Practical Overview.
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